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Enterprise culture

The top of the company creates the corporate culture in the atmosphere of  "Wealth Metal Is My Home"  .

For recreational facilities, the company has table tennis rooms, projection rooms, computer training rooms, game rooms, as well as karaoke rooms,  rich staff's spare time .

In sports, the company's basketball team participated in the friendly community competition, and was awarded the champion of the community and town level basketball game, showing the spirit of Wealth Metal in "friendship and unity".

The company help workers in difficulties with mutual aid  in a "home" atmosphere.In addition, the company holds  "birthday party" in every months where employees of the month will be invited to the birthday party. The chairman of the company also take part in the party and enjoy the atmosphere altogether. It reflects the company's humanistic care to the staff.

The company releases a "Wealth Metal" magazine every month, which shows the latest news, excellent staff appraisal in departments, activities of the staff, etc.

In education and training, the company has the scheme of  "factory-school cooperation"  for motivated employees to participate in the study. The eligible ones will be awarded recognized certificates. If some employees' children matched the standard of age and education level, can join directly The Kody Technical School under the company group. Those qualified in the school  will be awarded a certificate and be probable to join the company.